About us

Founded in the year 2016, LADOR LLC is a door accessory developer selling products under its own brand “LADOR”.
Our goal is not just to sell, but also help our customers find the best solution for their projects in hand.
Once you've decided to buy from us, our sales consultants will help you make the right choice.  
In addition, they will provide you with technical advice and after-sales support.
Along with having it's own brand, LADOR is an official partner of two German Door Automation manufacturers GEZE GmbH and DormaKaba.
More over, our company is a distributor of the Polish company Radaway (manufacturer of shower cabins).

The product positions that LADOR LLC offers are as following:

Door closers;

Floor springs;

Glass door locks;

Glass door accessories;

Manual sliding door systems;

Shower cabins;