Floor spring

Floor spring
"Floor spring"

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LF 70

Lador LF 70

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LF 80

Lador LF 80

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LF 100

Lador LF 100

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LF 150

Lador LF 150

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LF 120

Power size: EN#3, Max; Door Weight: 120kg; Max. Door Width:1250mm; Max Opening Angle: 116°; Closing Speed Adjustable: 90°-20°; Latching Speed Adjustable: 20°-0°.

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LF 130G

Çatdırılma və quraşdırılma daxildir. Zəmanət verilir 1 il.

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Dorma BTS 60 EN3

Dorma BTS 60  EN3

249,99 azn

Dorma BTS 84 EN4

Dorma BTS 84  EN4

224,99 azn

Dorma BTS 75 R EN2-5

Dorma BTS 75 R  EN2-5

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Geze TS 500 NV (up to 150 kg)

The TS 500 NV and TS 500 N EN3 versions are two floor springs for use with doors with a maximum available leaf width of 1100 mm. The very low overall height of just 42 mm is a welcome benefit for both new building and renovation projects. The two versions used in combination with GEZE glass clamping fittings enable simple and cost-effective, yet optically very attractive, all-glass double action doors to be implemented in both commercial and private settings. Floor spring TS 500 NV for doors with up to 1100 mm leaf widths Closing force, infinitely adjustable size EN 1-4

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